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No more Electron: Native desktop applications using Javascript

Submitted by Jishnu (@jishnu7) on Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Technical level: Beginner Status: Submitted


Use Proton Native to create native applications through a React syntax, on all desktop platforms.


Qt, GTK etc are the popular frameworks people use to create desktop applications. Even thought GJS exists it isn’t easy. Then Electron came along. It’s a good tool, but it brings in a lot of overhead, running a full web browser to manage a small GUI.

Proton Native works similar to that, but using native tools, with a smaller size and with less resource usage. People who are used to the React workflow and JSX, it is straight forward.

Proton Native does the same to desktop that React Native did to mobile. Build cross-platform apps for the desktop, all while never leaving the React eco-system. Popular React packages such as Redux still work.

Speaker bio

Works at Taro Inc as a Javascript developer. Contributes to Free Software projects in spare time.



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