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Mining crypto in browser: WebWorkers, GPU, WebAssembly and all the good things to try

Submitted by Denis Radin (@denisradin) on May 22, 2018

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Submitted


A year ago an unnamed investor asked me for a consultancy on topic:”If this is possible to mine crypto with JS using website visitors browsers?”. The talk shares some insights / outcome found during the research and gives an idea of what to expect when mining cryptocurrencies using a pool of browser based miners following the idea of using mining as a performance benchmark for different APIs of Web platform.


Mining as a top notch performance benchmark for WebPlatform
What is mining?
How to mine with users browsers?
Mining BitCoin with:
- JS - WebWorkers - WebAssembly - GPU - GPU with optimizations Mining Etherium
Ethics of using visitor resources

Speaker bio

JavaScript engineer working on photorealistic 3d games at Evolution Gaming. Passionate about performance optimization and code aesthetics, mastering workshop http://challengingnative.com, hosting http://react.asmterdam , http://amsterdamjs.com



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