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Maximize Your Frontend Performance Optimization Gains

Submitted by Punit Sethi (@geekybiz) on Monday, 11 February 2019

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Submitted


When you decide to improve a web-site / web app performance, it is important to first focus on ‘what’ to optimize before focussing on ‘how’ to optimize. This talk explains why this matters. It then goes into details of how to do so in a data-driven way to maximize the gains from your performance improvements.


  • Why is it important to determine ‘what’ to optimize before worrying about ‘how’ to optimize
  • How to use data to prioritize optimizations
  • How to avoid blindness to performance issues that may exist in the wild


  • Nothing in specific.

Speaker bio

Punit Sethi is founder of Tezify. He consults various high traffic websites and ecommerce web apps across India on front-end performance. He is also creator of Tezify Analytics, a third party tracker that enables website owners to measure the speed at which their website visitors experience their website.




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