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Hooking up with React

Submitted by Param Aggarwal (@paramaggarwal) on Nov 9, 2018

Technical level: Advanced Status: Awaiting details


React v16.7.0-alpha has introduced a new Hooks API that completely changes how we used to think about state management in React. In this talk, you will learn about what Hooks are and when it makes sense to use them. It will better prepare you to really make the best use of what React has to offer.


The talk contains three key sections with three parts in each. We begin by understanding how state management in React has changed and why Hooks exists.

Wasn’t this.setState() doing just fine?

  1. React’s controversial diffing algorithm in a world of observables
  2. The community initially rejected React and doubted the performance
  3. Eventual acceptance by the community and other competing frameworks

Didn’t Flux and Redux solve everything?

  1. Dispatcher and actions enter the scene
  2. Dan Abramov brings Redux as a library
  3. Overuse of Redux provokes Dan to write “When to not use Redux” blog post

So does Hooks solve everything now?

  1. How to migrate to Hooks
  2. When to NOT use Hooks
  3. Where do we go from here


Experience with React and Redux is a positive as it helps understand the drawbacks and benefits of state management as it stands today.

Speaker bio

I work as UI Engineer III at Flipkart, Bangalore building cross-platform apps. Before that, I helped build the iOS app and mobile website at Myntra for more than three years. I believe less code is the best code and prefer approaches where less is more.



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