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Face detection with React and WebRTC

Submitted by Milos Nikolic (@mnikolic) on Friday, 10 August 2018

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Awaiting details


WebRTC is technology that give us power of having camera and audio in browser to do crazy things such are: face recognition, ID detection, voice detection…all the things that are knocking the door to more sophisticated authentication for our projects. Combined with React and it’s state managers it give us insane possibilities.


1) Engineer Introduction
2) Problem to solve
3) WebRTC and why React is most logical choice
4) Live coding of small component that utilize best from both or doing step by step thru project
5) Advance your skill


Must know what kind of lib React is, how JS is working and understand at least something about WebRTC.

Speaker bio

Dedicated and creative Sr. Software Engineer & SCRUM Evangelist, with 5+ years of experience in adding significant value to complex and large-scope projects, both on the development and project management end.



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