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Code Sharing between React Native and React Js

Submitted by Muthu Kumar (@muthuks) on Monday, 3 December 2018

Technical level: Intermediate


How is code sharing made possible. Write code once and share it with mobile and web apps. Ways and methods by which we make it possible


Speaker bio

I have a PhD in Datamining and have been working with technology for more than 14 years





  • santhosh (@rest) 11 months ago

    I have listen to his talks and he is very interesting person to listen to

  • Priya shankar (@restestes) 11 months ago

    Would be interesting to listen to him. sir we are waiting for it

  • Bhuvanendran Venugopal 11 months ago

    Quite interesting.

  • Nivathitha (@nivya2020) 10 months ago

    Would be interesting to listen to you sir

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