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Change Detection in Frameworks

Submitted by Jithin Nair (@jithinnair) on Friday, 25 May 2018

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


What is that one thing because of which a JS framework just clicks for you? It’s ability to handle changes in states and models, and taking care of the UI updates. Let’s take a brief tour of how change detection has been happening over the years - from the infancy of JavaScript to the modern hipster frameworks - and while we do that let’s take a close look at how the top 3 (unofficial!) JS frameworks - React, Vue, and Angular - do the dirty work for you and update UI so quickly.


  • Introduction to Change Detection
  • How Initial Years of JS relied on SSR for UI updates.
  • A brief description of how Change Detection worked in 1st Gen frameworks and AngularJS.
  • An intro to Virtual DOM and how it is leveraged by React and Vue - explaining Vue’s reactivity and how the two are different in their approaches.
  • How Angular handles Change Detection - explaining concept of zones and why TypeScript helps in the process.

Speaker bio

Jithin has been JavaScript-ing for 4 years now and currently plies his trade at Deloitte in Mumbai. Having worked for service based firms, he has had the opportunity to work on many projects - which meant he could work on different frameworks. He has spent a long enough time on each of the 3 most popular frameworks to understand how they work internally and how best to utilize them.



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