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An intro to WebAssembly - JavaScript on nitro!!

Submitted by Souvik Basu (@souvikbasu) on Jan 25, 2018

Technical level: Advanced Status: Awaiting details


JS is cool in many aspects. But is it really that performant when it comes to resource intenstive operations? How does WebAssembly aid JavaScript?


  • What is WebAssembly
  • Why Web Assembly when we have JavaScript?
  • Hello World demo
  • Cool stuffs in WebAssembly
  • Future of WebAssembly

Speaker bio

Souvik is a JS enthusiasts with 15 years experience in the industry. His day job is to set up a team on React project in Tesco Bengaluru. He loves to code equally well in React as well as in Angular. Currently he is spending a lot of time exploring Conversational UI.


  • ZB

    Zainab Bawa


    Crew 2 years ago

    Souvik, I need to see draft slides and preview video (explaining what this talk is about and why JSFoo participants should attend it). Without this, we cannot review the proposal.

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