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Writing JavaScript with accessibility in mind

Submitted by Anuradha Kumari (@2anuradha9) on May 18, 2020

Duration of the session: Full talk - 30 mins Status: Submitted


Accessibility is a very important aspect of web development. As web developers, we strive to bring inclusion into the digital world. But, sometimes we unintentionally build inaccessible websites and the reason is mostly the lack of awareness about accessibility. Also, during the current pandemic, the web has seen a tremendous increase in the number of users. In this session, we will explore how we can build fully accessible and interactive websites leveraging JavaScript and contribute towards achieving inclusion through some simple guides and principles.

Target audience - some prior experience with JavaScript

Key takeaways - the audience can apply the concepts learned to their current applications. Accessibility won’t appear as much burdensome or confusing after the session.


The goal of this talk is to empower everyone to code with inclusion, diversity, and empathy in mind. We will talk about why it’s the need of the hour to make accessibility an integral part of the development phase. I will share some accessible JavaScript code examples that any developer can start using right away.

Table of contents:
- What is a11y?
- Why should we care?
- Can JavaScript make/break accessibility?
- Examples and guides for writing accessible JS code
- Key takeaways

Speaker bio

Anuradha is a tech enthusiast, current working as a frontend developer at mediaocean, Pune. She is passionate about learning new things and sharing the knowledge and experience through tech articles and tech talks. She is an advocate for developing web content with accessibility and security in mind.



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