JSFoo Pune 2020

On component architecture, performance, security for front-end, and emerging trends

Web Assembly

Submitted by Pallavi Kaushik (@pallavi-kaushik) on Feb 9, 2020

Duration of the session: 30 mins full talk Status: Under evaluation


What is web assembly?
How it can change the web in the coming time!
What all we can achieve with web assembly
Target Audience : Anyone interested in web development


Session will cover history of webassembly.
What can we do and what we cannot achieve using web assembly.
How it will impact the current web development technologies.
Performance benefits that comes along with the web assembly.
What are the security risks involved in using web assembly.
Demo part


Laptop (optional), if someone wants to do the demo part side by side

Speaker bio

(This session will be taken in pair by Nikhil Mehta and Pallavi Kaushik)
Nikhil is a senior consultant in Thoughtworks. He had already facilitated in the many UI workshops. He is an active contributor in the UI community. (mnikhil@thoughtworks.com)
Pallavi is a consultant in Thoughtworks. She had earlier given talks in various conferences.(pallavi.kaushik@thoughtworks.com)





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