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Optional Chaining and Null coalescing: Using ES Next already

Submitted by Santosh Viswanatham (@viswanathamsantosh) on Sunday, 9 February 2020

Duration of the session: 15 mins crisp talk Status: Confirmed & Scheduled

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Optional Chaining and Null Coalescing are two amazing features that are to be shipped soon in JavaScript. The top errors that generally occur in a JavaScript codebase can be handled with these two upcoming features. They solve a complex error-handling problem that JS Developers face when working with variables and objects or references in general in the most effective manner. Although they are in the development stage, we can start using them already with our build tool plugins and the latest TS version. We will explore how useful these two features would be, the current status and How we can start using them already in our projects.

I will also go through the existing hacks developers follow and how it is going to change with these ES Next proposals.


Optional Chaining
What is it?
Code samples
Current Hacks
Current Status
Integrating with our build tools

Null Coalescing
What is it?
Code samples
Current Hacks
Current Status
Integrating with our build tools

Speaker bio

Santosh is an open web philanthropist, Tech Speaker at Mozilla and a Senior Development Engineer at Pramati. He eats Vanilla JS for Breakfast and tweets at @isantoshv. Santosh is a Mozilla Rep and a Participation leader at Mozilla and he loves working with a diverse group of people. He has given talks on WebVR, Cross-Platform extensions, Devtools, Firefox OS in the past. For his contributions to Mozilla, His name is listed in about:credits of every shipped Firefox Browser. When he is not glued to his computer you will find him reading books, watching movies, trying not to cook badly.





  •   Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Reviewer a month ago

    Feedback from rehearsal:

    1. Why are you calling out TypeScript when this should be called out in JS? You should point out that this is available with JS.
    2. Which browsers have added this feature and intend to ship?
    3. Give better objects for examples instead of Foo and Bar. Give a tangible example for audience to grasp.
    4. Add some more complex use cases.
    5. Add more advantages, especially about increase in bundle size. Diversify the advantages to show developer productivity.

    Overall, a very good presentation. Submit revised slides by 24 February, latest.

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