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Functional Programming in JavaScript

Submitted by Varit Patel 😎 (@varit05) on Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Duration of the session: 30 mins full talk Status: Rejected


The talks gives an Introduction of the functional programming paradigm and explains how it differs from Impertive & Object oriented programming. The session will kickstart the journey of Functional programming or makes a developer better at the FP by understanding the pattern more deeply. It covers some of the principles of coding such as DRY (Don’t repeat yourself), YAGNI(ya ain’t gonna need it), Single responsiblity, loose couping high cohesion, The principle of least surprise. Target audience is


Understand how to write highly reusable Javascript code.

  1. Introduction to functional programming.
    - What it FP?
    - How it differs from Impertive & OOP?
  2. Why functional programming?
    - Confidence
    - Readablility
    - Perspective
  3. What is function in FP?
    - Basic Idea
    - Rules
    - Examples
  4. Monads
    - HOF
    - Currying
    - Closure
  5. Write predicable & testable code.
    - Practical examples
  6. Examples of built-in JavaScript Pure functions!

Speaker bio

I work in TCS as Technical Lead, consider myself as a JavaScript Developer. I am interested in learning and sharing about the JS and its framework. overall, I have 7+ years of experience working in Javascript.



  •   Raghavendra Satish Peri (@artofvision) a month ago

    Hello Varit,
    Can you expand more in abstract about your talk or share the slides that you will be using at the conference? This will help us decide on your talk.

    •   Varit Patel 😎 (@varit05) Proposer a month ago

      Hello Raghavendra,

      At abstract level talk is about the how functional programming works against object oriented progarmming. What are the benefits of using this technique. how to write pure and impure functions while day to day coding. What are higher order functions and built-in higher order functions in JavaScript.

      Unfortunetly, I have not slides created yet. I thought of creating once the talk is accepted.

      I am free to give more insight about the talk if needed.

      •   Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Reviewer a month ago

        Help us understand what content you plan to cover in this talk? Who is this talk aimed at?

        •   Varit Patel 😎 (@varit05) Proposer a month ago

          Hello Zainab,

          The talk covers Introduction to FP, It helps developer to understand what is functional programming. How FP allows us to write predicatable and testable code. The content targets beginner to intermiddent.

          In Detailed talk would be of as below:

          Introduction to functional programming.
          Why functional programming?
          Example of Impure functions & pure functions.
          Immutable & mutable Values
          List of built-in JavaScript Pure functions with examples.
          some other topics which makes the talk engaging and interested.

          •   Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Reviewer a month ago

            Hello Varit, thanks for sharing these details.
            The outline of the proposal clarifies that the proposed talk is more suitable for beginners of functional programming. Participants at JSFoo look for advanced and deep dive talks. Hence, we cannot accept your proposal for the conference.

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