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Building data-driven applications with the MySQL X DevAPI and Connector/Node.js

Submitted by Kritika Agarwal (@kritikaagarwal) on Feb 11, 2020

Duration of the session: 30 mins full talk Status: Under evaluation


This workshop will briefly cover newly introduced Mysql Document Store architecture which allows developers to work with SQL relational tables and schema-less JSON collections. We will then dive into Connector/Node.js, official Node.js driver provided by MySQL, ways to use it in an application and a couple of features introduced in Mysql 8.0 releases for Connector/Node.js.


MySQL 8.0 Document Store * What is a document * Document Store Architecture
Connector/Node.j introduction * Boilerplate for session and schema * CRUD Operations
Newly introduced features
1. Connection Pooling * What is connection pooling * Syntax
2. Prepared Statements * What is a prepared statement * Stages for preparing * Syntax
3. Multi-valued index * What is multi-valued index * Syntax

Speaker bio

I work in MySQL team at Oracle and I have been working on Connector/Node.js end-to-end testing for about 1.5 years now.




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