JSFoo 2019

On component architecture, front-end engineering and Developer Experience (DX)

Develop Voice assistant without any service/api for browser

Submitted by Prathik S (@awebdevloper) on Aug 1, 2019

Section: Crisp talk (20 mins) Technical level: Beginner Status: Waitlisted


Today we can develop a voice assistant that runs totally on the browser without any awz/azure or google api. Using new web api’s we can develop a voice assistant that runs on your browser. Ideal companion to your swanky new PWA or SPA.

It will process all your queries and reply back. See ma no typing.


In this session we will look at how to do speech to text and text to speech using web speech and speech synthesis api. We will also look at some of the usecases of this in a web app. With voice being the future how can your website not have it.


Basic knowlege of JS is enough.

Speaker bio

I am a devloper in Microsoft Teams, with overall 9+ yrs of experience in professtional web developement.



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