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On component architecture, front-end engineering and Developer Experience (DX)

Build easy WebXR apps using A-frame

Submitted by Bhuvana Meenakshi (@bhuvanakotees1) on May 14, 2019

Section: Full talk (40 mins) Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


WebXR is a latest technology which combiines WebVR/AR and it is not boring like lines and lines of code to get a small VR experience. Just a few steps to do the magic. If one is interested to learn the tricks of the magician and get the secrets behing the screen revealed then there you are, must attend my talk to get the cats off the bag. Also, having been contributed for Mozilla since 5 years I will be also dealing with how A-frame can help in this web driven technology of WebXR.


  1. Introduction to WebVR/AR/XR
  2. Introduction to A-frame
  3. Benefits of A-frame
  4. Code contributions to A-frame
  5. A-frame - component and registry
  6. Live Demos


Enthusiatic open source contributors.
Projector and good internet connectivity.

Speaker bio

I am a tech speaker and I always speak about what I am passsionate about. This is why in most of the conference I speak about Virtual and Augmented Reality. VR and AR are emerging into the world with rapid developments everyday, this way I see to that my sessions are up-to date and interesting. Moreover, I share about what I have learnt and I see to that my audience get wholesome info and inspire them to start something innovative from that moment. Having been part of Mozilla since 5 years I had been to 10+ premier institutions in India, 4 national conferences and 1 international summit.




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