JSFoo 2018

On JavaScript and Security


New kids in the Browserland.

Submitted by Sachin Chopra (@sach11) on Sunday, 18 February 2018

Section: Crisp Talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Under evaluation


In this talk, I propose to talk about some of the recent wonderful API’s that have been added in the browser.


I will try to talk about -

1/ Intersection Observer
2/ Credential Management API
3/ Google SmartLock
4/ Web Share API
5/ Device Memory API
6/ Network Connection API


Basic familiarity with Javascript and PWA’s.

Speaker bio

I am Sachin Chopra, a Software Engineer @ Myntra, working on Web platform. I am excited about the new and fast-paced innovations happening in web technologies and try to be a part of them.





  •   Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Reviewer a year ago

    I need draft slides and preview video to evaluate this talk.

  •   Jim Rhodes (@jimrhodes) 8 days ago

    Something went wrong with your preview video. Can you upload it once more? Or you can upload it https://thinkpreview.com here.

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