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Building scalable backends with GraphQL

Submitted by Kiran Abburi (@kiranabburi) on Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Technical level: Advanced Status: Waitlisted


GraphQL is a powerful technology for building modern apps and API servers. Traditionally, we have to either implement client (desktop or mobile) specific API endpoints or build generic API endpoints by compromising on performance. GraphQL enable clients to query data they require. This lets us build a generic graphql schema that works for all the clients without compromising on performance. GraphQL features like schema stitching help us build a layer on top of micro-services or multiple data sources and abstract complexity of server from clients.

This talk is about building scalable backends with GraphQL. By the end of this talk you will learn how to build a GraphQL backend that serve millions of requests.


  • How GraphQL works
  • Benefits of GraphQL over REST
  • Building GraphQL layer on top of micro-services or multiple data source with schema stitching
  • Performance tracking and optimizations
  • Caching strategies
  • Authentication and authorization of GraphQL servers

Speaker bio

Kiran Abburi is founder of neostack.com and Consultant who primarily work with React, React Native and GraphQL. He is also an organizer of Reactjs Bangalore



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