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Welcome to the world of Types & more

Submitted by Neha Sharma (@nsharma25) on Jul 28, 2017

Section: Full Talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


Still thinking should you switch to Typescrpt or not, or debating over is Typescript is a alternative to Javascript or not, or will typescript goes with your existing fancy framework/library - Reactjs, Angularjs?

I will be taking you in the world of types and typescript and demostrate how and why Typescript is important especially when you are working in a team of developer. We are going to touch base all its features , compare with Javascript , performance, debugging and much more.


  • Why we are obsessed with javascript
  • Problems before and after Javascript and its fancy frameworks/Libraries
  • What is Typescript?
  • Give me more than Types please
  • Let’s talk to code - installation
  • Classes but ES6 has same
  • Interfaces
  • namespaces
  • and more
  • let’s talk pros and cons
  • Let’s see - how to debug
  • Support with other frameworks/lib


Knowledge of Javascript , Nodejs and programming

Speaker bio

I am Neha , UI tech lead @ Toaster. Have 8 years of experience in Web Development. My myntra is too - Drink coffee and write code. Apart from my full time job I am active tech speaker in Delhi/NCR and big bollywood fan



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