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And The Reason Is You

Submitted by Neehar Venugopal (@neeharv) on Sep 10, 2017

Section: Crisp Talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed & scheduled


Reason is a shiny new wrapper on a venerable old functional language - OCaml. With fantastic type inference, a blazing fast compiler that spits out idiomatic javascript and trivial interop with existing JS code, Reason is a great choice to introduce a funtional, statically typed language into your stack.


  1. History of OCaml / Bucklescript / Reason
  2. Why Reason, and what it is not
  3. The mechanics of the Reason toolchain
  4. A basic introduction to core Reason features
  5. How to incrementally introduce Reason to a large front end codebase
  6. An example of integration with Reason React

Speaker bio

CTO at insider.in, write functional javascript, and pop punk not pills.


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