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You Know Angular 2, You Know Native Mobile App Development

Submitted Aug 24, 2016

Do you know Angular 2? Do you want to build Native Android/iOS Mobile Applications. Come and join me in this session where i show you how to build Native Mobile Application with Angular 2 & NativeScript. NativeScript is a open source technology which makes it possible to build Native Mobile Apps using JavaScript as a language. With NativeScript & Angular 2 its even more fun. You can fully reuse skills and code from the web to build beautiful, high performance native mobile apps. NativeScript features deep integration with Angular 2, the latest and greatest (and fastest) Angular framework.


What is NativeScript ?
How NativeScript works ?
Getting Started with NativeScript ?
Integration with Angular 2
Developing app with Angular 2 + NativeScript

Speaker bio

I work as a Technical Evangelist with Telerik in India. Telerik is the company behind NativeScript - the open source framework to build Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript as a language. I have been programming with NativeScript for almost 2 years now.




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