JSFoo 2016

Tackling speed and performance for JavaScript

Nishchit Dhanani (ND)


Trails- Modern Web Application Framework for Node.js

Submitted Aug 2, 2016

Trails JS - Mordern Framework For NodeJS

Trails supports many server frameworks within it like Hapi, Express, Koa etc. So any node developer can easily setup ther foundation.
By using trails we can achieve MVC structure for our application, Some other skeleton along with MVC are services, policies & trailspacks. Trailspacks are an adapter for Trails framework. We can make trailspack for any node library like socket.io, mongoose and etc.


1) ES6 - future of javascript
2) MVC archetecture
3) TrailsPacks - Build adapter for Trails
4) Frontend agnostic - Multy template engine
5) Multiple Database Support
6) RealTime websocket
7) RestFull APIs with footprint


Basic knowledge of javascript ( its good to have knowlwdgw of basic NodeJS )

Speaker bio

I am using Trails since it was born, And in many way i have contributed in this beautiful framework, Also I am directly connected with Travis Webb (Creator of Trails) and other team menmber (Jimmy Aumard & Mehdi Assani).
Trails is based on ES6 javascript, the future of javascript.



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