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Dheeraj Kumar


The overengineered state of Flux

Submitted Aug 21, 2016


Are you building a complex system, just to simplify data flow?


Any developer who has worked with/looking to work with the Flux pattern.


  1. Understand the different patterns in Flux, and how popular data flow libraries implement it.
  2. Think about balancing
    a) A streamlined data flow
    b) Complexity of data flow architecture


We’ll discuss the core Flux concepts:

  1. Dispatcher
  2. Action
  3. Store
  4. State change
  5. Side effects

and how they’re implemented in 5 popular data flow libraries:

  1. Reflux
  2. Redux
  3. RxJS
  4. MobX
  5. react-refetch

and compare the libraries in terms of:

  1. Additional features
  2. Ecosystem
  3. System complexity
  4. Learning curve

and finally finish off with a sojourn in cargo cult programming and how it impacts system complexity.

Speaker bio

Dheeraj writes, refactors, and deletes code at Quintype, a platform that helps digital media publishers improve their content, engage audience, and increase monetization. He detests overengineering, likes simple & clean code, and rarely talks about himself in the third person.


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