JSFoo 2016

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rahul rout


Progressive Web Apps : Where we are and what's next

Submitted Aug 5, 2016

The talk is going to provide an overview of what Progressive Web Apps are, what does it to take to build a few of them. Discuss the differences between Hybrid apps, Native Apps and PWA’s, have a look into the most celebrated PWA’s and finally showcase one of the demo application created for the audience.


I am still creating the slides, the draft is : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1PmG3h_1AqYaMDenH1ppahaZ7pfPW54O8H-LllkxYO68/edit?usp=sharing
My mind map diagram is here : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0mxRJvThF7ENFRQbEtTSVJDcUk



Speaker bio

I have been working on building a PWA for the last seven months. Have gone through the loops of learning and re-learning to get my app up and would like to discuss my experience. I am working as a web developer with Walmart Labs helping the Analytics team build web solutions for better decisions using data representation and visualizations.
I am an avid traveller and an amateur musician with a bit of skills on the piano and the guitar. Come say hello @routbuzz.





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