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Node.js in production

Submitted Aug 29, 2016

In pursuit of easiness & familiarity, we often give up or forget to prioritize performance. We can manage to have zero downtime, if we care for it a little. May it be memory consumption, underoptimized routines or by knowing what exactly is going on with the application. Through this talk, I’m trying to help you out with things you need to take care of when running a Node.js application in production.


  • Logging, monitoring & alerts
  • Configuration management
  • Profiling & control port
  • Multi-core utilization
  • Sticky session load balancing
  • Code conventions
  • Workflows


Intermediate understanding of Node.js

Speaker bio

Jai works with Engineering team at DoSelect. He has been fiddling with JavaScript since early years of Firefox OS. He open sources most of his code and occasionally sends patches to projects written in Node.js, Golang and Rust. Find more about him here - http://dolftax.com/about.html




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