JSFoo 2016

Tackling speed and performance for JavaScript

Neha Sharma


Javascript Component Architecture

Submitted Aug 14, 2016

Web developers as well as end users came far away from normal HTML/CSS , server side forms website/applications. Now, everyday we developers create more complex , interactive, high-speed, jazzy applications/website for the users and we keep one eye on the performance, another eye on appraoch of code architecture; because - architrecture of the application/code and performance goes hands-in-hand. From normal JS Patterns to the MV* we came very far. In this talk we are going to understand how Reactjs, Angular2 & Polymer changing the way we are coding, creating complex application/website. Why web components? Why components based approach? How to plan your website/application components based? How it is going to improve your code performance, readability, scaleability and much more.




Should have experience in coding of complex applications. Have sound knowledge of Javascript and any MVC framework

Speaker bio

I am Neha Sharma, from New Delhi, Working as UI Tech lead with 7 years of experience. Worked in different domains and on great projects. Apart from my full time job I am tech speaker and organizer of the community of developer in New Delhi/Gurgaon name JSLovers - meetup.com/jslovers. I organize the code-labs in Gurgaon/Delhi for UI Developers on various topics. I am also active speakers and gave talks in Microsoft, Expedia Gurgaon.

Linkdin Profile : https://in.linkedin.com/in/nehha
Twitter : https://twitter.com/hellonehha
Meetup Group : meetup.com/jslovers





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