JSFoo 2016

Tackling speed and performance for JavaScript

Ashish Negi


Going Native : Calling C/C++/Rust code from Node.js

Submitted Aug 9, 2016

There are pleothera of C/C++ libraries which are battle-tested and extremely performant.
Node.js opens opportunities for using these libraries from JavaScript land.
Learn how to write and use c++ libraries from NodeJs in 30 minutes.
No prior knowledge of C++ is required.


Mind map :

  1. First 5 minutes
    Introduction of Topic, Motivation on why to go native.

  2. Next 10 minutes
    Live demo with simple examples. Showing how to access C++ library from Node.js .
    See the performance, optimizations and other freebies from C++ land.

  3. Next 10 minutes
    Going deeper into abstractions / APIs / showing more complex examples.
    Learn how to keep the code compatible with various versions of Node.js.

  4. Next 5-10 minutes
    Walk throgh real world C++ projects in Node.js and hear success stories.

  5. Rest :
    Ask live questions.

Speaker bio

Programming lover !!! I have 3 years of professional C++ experience. Worked on integrating Node.js and Chromium Browser to create NW.js like application. Now i drink Clojure and Haskell from the fire hose.



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