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keith pinto


Building ideal applications in a practical world.

Submitted Aug 15, 2016

The talk is a quick walkthrough in some of the problems we (EdGE Networks) face while building a product.

We’ll talk about some tools such as:

  1. Is Angular 1.x really that bad?
  2. How to get comfortable with React and move on to build complex apps with it.
  3. Gulp or Webpack (or do you even need them?)
  4. Chrome Dev Tools

but I would like to emphasize on reasons behind using them, rather than the tool itself.



The talk will consist of certain tools being used in acheiving each of these steps, but I would like to
emphasize on the reason to take each of these steps rather than the tools that helped in acheiving it.

Since tools will always get better, its important to focus on the reason why you choose
a certain approach.

Following is the gist of the talk:
It’s a quick walkthrough of how we (EdGE Networks) started developing an app and some of decision we’ve
taken since then.

  1. Getting it done! - building applications with Angular 1.x
  2. Optimizing the application - Chrome Dev tools, creating builds (Gulp), cleaning up some Angular code.
  3. Making a decision - Should we re-write the app?
  4. React + Redux is a great, but.... what about the learning curve?
  5. Components (as opposed to the entire app) are easier to reason with.
  6. Scaffolding for Designers and Developers to design, develop and test components.
  7. Benefits of the component approach (one such benifit being): Components request state via a Middleware, this abstracts requesting state from how its obtained, one of the benifits being state reuse.
  8. Creating reusable components.

Will soon be sharing the code on Github! Thanks!

Speaker bio

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I’m definitely not the best person to take this session, but I’m passionate about engineering.
The talk is about our (EdGE Network’s) journey in building a better product.

I enjoy Software development and all the nuances about it :)

Although not stricly JS related, some of the things I’d love to discuss about

  1. ClojureScript
  2. RxJS
  3. Ampersand.js
  4. Event Sourcing
  5. AWS
  6. Spark
  7. Capturing app metrics
  8. Application architecture



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