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Besides frameworks: a JavaScript perspective

Submitted Aug 19, 2016

We are inherently biased, by our surrounding. Most of us gravitate towards using the tools available to us, in the ways they are publicized. JavaScript has scope for possiblities, that are limited by what we can imagine. As an enabler of web interactions, JavaScript is a powerful tool. If we think in terms of frameworks, we might miss the possibilities it provides.


In this talk, I would like to stress on seeing possibilities, diving in, and building models. I will share a few problems we solved, for our clients and for our own projects. Each of them, I found to be interesting. But the aim of the talk, is to share perspectives/habits that might be helpful in coming up with our own projects/hacks/solutions.

We might go through some of the problems listed below, with a perspective on seeing possibilities, diving in and building models.


Speaker bio

Ciju’s interest and ignorance spans across programming, mind/brain, learning, education, maths and more. He is part of ActiveSphere, a set of geeks solving problems for businesses. He has worked with/in a few startups, including SlideShare. He has won two Yahoo! hackday india events.





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