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Universal Rendering - An experience

Submitted by Visweshwaran S (@vish1988) on Aug 11, 2016

Section: Crisp talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Shortlisted


Very recently, a team of technologist embarked on ~~isomorphic~~ universal rendering. Every step of the way was full of learnings invaluable not to share and hence the talk.


Talk would cover the following topics

  • Universal Rendering , why and how?
  • Initial setup.
  • Build Tools and decision on choosing one
  • Tech choices and why react?
  • Redux
  • Templates and DOM manipulation.
  • Give and Takes of isomorphic efforts.
  • Whats left and next.

We will try to simplify your path to isomorphic apps. Hopefully right?

Speaker bio

An Experience Technologist with a twist @ Sapient Nitro. An avid reader and chatterbox , now trying to channel his speech skills in Tech arena.


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