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TDD (Test Driven Development) in JavaScript

Submitted by Deepak Kumar Gupta (@deepakkgupta) on Monday, 15 August 2016

Section: Crisp talk Technical level: Beginner Status: Rejected


Test Driven Development (TDD) is not a mainstream activity in JavaScript Development no matter whether JS code is written for Nodejs or for MEAN stack .

This talk is intends to explain the TDD as a practice and also look at the questions like

- Can TDD become Mainstream activity in JS development? - What will be its pros and cons? - Can a platform like nodejs provides enough oppertunities to active TDD based development?


1- An Introduction to TDD : What and How? 2- TDD and Mainstream Development Practices 3- How TDD can be done for JS devlopment 4- Pros and cons of using TDD for JS 5- How TDD in JS is different from other mainstream languages like C++ & Java 6- Online Demo 7- Q&A


No specific requirements from participants.

Speaker bio

Deepak is long time programmer and has mainly worked in VoIP and IP networking stack development including but not limited to TCP, IPv6, NAPT. VoiceXML, SIP and H.323. He has programmed in many languages which includes C++, JavaScript, Java, Ruby & Python.

He is also working with node nodejs from past two years and created operation & management software using JS on nodejs

Deepak is also a seasonal blogger and write about lean coding practices. He also maintains his personal website www.9lean.com and a youtube channnel www.youtube.com/c/9leancode for the same.




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