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Rethinking Asynchronicity

Submitted by Hemanth.HM (@hemanth) on Aug 10, 2016

Section: Full talk Technical level: Advanced Status: Rejected


Callback hell?
Hmm, they are old, lets talk about async-await?!


This talk will be more like a story progressing from a simple use-case of asynchornous code and goes up to a level of using async-await.

It would be more like a journey of a dev from callback -> promises -> async-await and some generators too.

We will have some live coding too ;)


Understanding of Asynchornous programming.

Speaker bio

A computer polyglot CLI, web and unix philosophy ❤️’r.

Contributes to FOSS via Github and is a part of the Yeoman team.

Curators Node Module Of The Week and JSfeatures.in

Coordinates BangaloreJS meetups.

Mentor at GeeksKool

Community leader at DuckDuckGo

Google Developer Expert for webtech.



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