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Observables and Angular2

Submitted by venkatesh viswanathan (@usrlotus) on Sunday, 14 August 2016

Section: Crisp talk Technical level: Beginner Status: Rejected


Observables are important part of reactive programming. Angular2 works in coherence with rxJS, Java Script library for reactive Extensions. Observables are very powerful, but there’s a lack of awareness about how to leverage it.

This talk about common scenarios where observables can be used in angular2, limitations and when to choose not to use observables.

Take aways from this talk will be
- an understanding of http service and async pipe. - creating observables for different use cases. - Walk through the code of an example web component

It is for anyone who is interested in using Observables in their Angular2/JS application.


I will talk about basics of Observables and advantages of observables over promise.

I will also cover
1. HTTP service and async pipes.
2. Create observables from events
3. Use case of observables.

I will walk you through the code of a type ahead component to explain the solution.

Speaker bio

Venkateshwar V.

I am Lead Fronend Developer from CloudCherry. I come with over four years of experience with JavaScript. We have been working with Angular2 for over 6 months.
Creating web components in angular2 interests me a lot.




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