JSFoo 2016

Tackling speed and performance for JavaScript

Learnings from building a desktop app using Electron

Submitted by Shashi Shekhar Singh (@singhshashi) on Aug 16, 2016

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


In this talk I will share lessons learned from building the desktop app for http://www.gettrici.com using Electron. Some of the ideas that I share may be applied to web application development, however some of them are specific to desktop apps.

Intended audience: Anyone interested in building desktop applications using Electron.



Introduction - brief overview of choice of technologies used, i.e Electron, React, Flux, ES6, ES7, Babel, Webpack, PouchDB
React and Flux in a multi window scenario.
Saving and retrieving data

  • localStorage, Indexeddb, pouchDB - choice considerations
  • Some issues I faced with using pouchDB and its solutions
  • Loading data/state at startup.

Logging - Issues faced and solutions.
Packaging and distributing - Using Webpack with Electron

Over the course of the talk, I can show live demo of the issues I talk about and their resolutions.


Familiarity with React, Flux

Speaker bio

Currently building http://www.gettrici.com. Previously, Head of Engineering at Babajob and Founder at Failed Startup. I have been passionate about javascript and for the past few months been working on a stack that is 100% js. In this session, I will be sharing issues faced and lessons learned building a product using Electron.



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