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Tackling speed and performance for JavaScript


High performance Desktop applications with Electron (Javascript framework)

Submitted by Sairam Krish (@haisairam) on Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


Electron is a javascript framework from Github, to build powerful cross platform desktop applications with HTML/JS/CSS. On top of electron, imagine applications developed with existing javascript ecosystem and building desktop apps - the outcome will be amazing. During this session, we will discuss in detail from a performance perspective, how we can analyze electron applications and how we can solve different challenges involved in it. With this stack, we can solve complex computation problems (data analytics, image processing) using javascript stack to achieve quicker load time and computation time.


Following is the mind map of the session flow.
First 10 minutes ->

  • introduction to electron & key features
  • how Javascript based desktop application development could be helpful
  • Demo of a small hello world application and showcase how easy it is to get started
  • Tools for rapid application development (debugging)

Second 10 minutes ->

  • quick look into applications developed using electron
  • discuss different kind of problems we can solve
  • performance benefits with this stack
  • bringing in performance improvement on NodeJS level
  • bringing in performance improvement on JS level
  • bringing in performance improvement on V8 engine level

Third 10 minutes ->

  • demo performance intensive application
  • showcase how to do performance analysis
  • showcase optimisation techniques
  • showcase performance improvement
  • how to apply the earlier discussed techniques to solve perf problems
  • challenges in desktop applications

Fourth 10 minutes ->

  • Conclusion notes
  • Followup resources - Github project links
  • Question and answers

Speaker bio

I am Sairam Krish. I am a passionate developer for the past 12 years. I have been working on Electron based desktop applications and found it to be very impressive, in solving regular challenges with desktop applications. Also it bridges the gap between desktop and web applications. I like to share my actual work experience, findings and learning with the community. I have presented the same topic inside the company and response was amazing. Like to present it in JSFoo, since, we will have best Javascript audience.

More on my work experience can be found here - http://in.linkedin.com/in/sairamkrish




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  •   yashwanth kalva (@kyyash) 3 years ago

    are you talking about something like Facebook desktop, Dropbox or google photos folder sync kind of desktop apps can be built with this stack ?

  •   Sairam Krish (@haisairam) Proposer 3 years ago

    Hi Yashwanth., During this talk we will discuss about Electron framework and we will also explore from a performance perspective, what advantages we get. Ofcourse, we can develop applications that you mentioned using this stack. Please have a look at http://electron.atom.io/apps/ to see current applications developed using this stack - It’s completely JS/HTML/CSS based stack.

  •   Arnav Gupta (@championswimmer) 3 years ago

    Would be awesome if Electron Packager and Electron Builder is also covered

  •   Sairam Krish (@haisairam) Proposer 3 years ago

    Hi Arnav Gupta.,
    Thanks for your interest. Since it’s only 40 minutes., covering the basics and the performance aspect may take the whole time. But if there is time., we could interact about the packager and builder. I agree, those are interesting areas.

  •   (@vepev) 9 months ago

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