JSFoo 2016

Tackling speed and performance for JavaScript

An introduction to web performance measurement

Submitted by Ankit Solanki on Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Section: Full talk Technical level: Beginner Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Why talk about the basics of performance measurement? We need to understand the current state of our application before we start fixing it.

This talk will give you an outline to follow; a recipe for looking at your application’s performance.


  • Introduction

  • An approach to Performance Improvement

  • Prioritization

  • Having a performance oriented mindset

  • Using Devtools and HAR files effectively

  • Improving Network performance: content sizes, response times, server configurations

  • Measuring the Critical Rendering Path

  • Realtime User Monitoring, Navigation Timing API

Speaker bio

CTO and Co-Founder of ClearTax (YC S2014). Ten years of experience building for the web. Would love to share my experience of having grown a startup built for Indian audiences, so others don’t repeat the mistakes we made :)


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