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Flying a drone autonomously with JS

Submitted by Sharmiladevi (@sharmiladevi) on Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Section: Crisp talk Technical level: Advanced

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  1. Audience will get introduced to autonomous flight of a drone using node.
  2. Audience will get introduced to few building blocks of autonomous flight using open cv
  3. Will have some fun learning some flight maneuvers.


This talk will be on creating an autonomous flying drone using node js ( ar-drone-autonomy+ node-open-cv)
This talk will walk through
1. Flying your drone autonomously using JS ( ardrone-autonomy )
2. Processing drone flight image stream using node-opencv
3. Few building blocks of autonomy using node-opencv + ardrone-autonomy

Speaker bio

  1. Web developer with a startup called themeefy.
  2. Has experience doing JS development for the web, mobile and connected devices.
  3. Wannabe aeronautical engineer who become software engineer by luck :)




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