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JavaScript as the centerpiece of a complex web stack

DevOps | Ansible, Vagrant & Docker

Submitted by Dipesh Bhardwaj (@devdipesh) on Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate

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The core objective of the session is to minimize the gap between development environment and production environment, development and operations and hence overall reduce both cost and time of development. Technologies with there trusted partners:

Ansible (NASA, EA, Samsung and Rackspace)
Vagrant (mozilla, O’reilly, BBC, Nature.com, Disqus, yammer, nokia)
Docker (ebay, yandex, spotify, Cambridge Healthcare)


This session is completely focused on three of the most advanced emerging technology stack, which can be used with any language out there. In this session I’m going to give a quick core description of Vagrant, Ansible and Docker (Go) and will show a quick hands on demonstration of deploying MEAN stack in the environment.

Speaker bio

I believe that if we never re-invented the wheel, then we’d all still be bumping around on stone tires. I use my creativity to build new solutions that provide a strategic advantage to my employer and improve the human experience of the user. My ability to adapt to limitations fuels my innovation. I stay practical by making the components of my solutions reusable. If I was creating a better rubber tire tread, I probably wouldn’t forge my own steel rim (though I wouldn’t be afraid to try if I thought it would make a difference).

You can consider me an autodidact polymath, a bit of crazy geeky pretentious and long winded guy, who love consoles spreading all around him with cute graphs and pie charts. My learning methodology curve is quite different than usual, so will help me updated with every recent changes and updates in the technology market.



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    Sunil Pai (@threepointone) 4 years ago

    Docker! Looking forward to it.

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      Dipesh Bhardwaj (@devdipesh) Proposer 4 years ago

      Thanks! It will be really in most concise and simplified way. Ansible is also awesome used by vendors like NASA, EA, Samsung and Rackspace. However it’s not possible to wrap up everything of all big technologies in 40 minutes, but still I will try to cover up there core concepts and quick guide threw which anyone can easily bootstrap in there organization.

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