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Generating tests from code - or how to test better and faster

Submitted by Olivier Crameri (@oliviercrameri) on Thursday, 11 July 2013

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


  • Discover the power of dynamic analysis and code crawling for writing and maintaining tests.
  • Learn how to write robust tests that cover ten times more code with ten times less effort than traditional unit tests or integration tests.
  • Discover that testing can (almost) be fun and (definitely) useful.


  • Alice: Hey Bob, ready for the Big Release. Everything working?
  • Bob: Yeah, sure. Why not?
  • Alice: I don't know. Did you test your code?
  • Bob: Of course. All the tests pass. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Alice: Well, I guess, nothing… Let's release and go to JSFoo.

Sounds familiar? We all know how this story ends… and it's not with Bob and Alice having fun at JSFoo. Unacceptable!

In this talk, I will show how to uncover the power of dynamic analysis to improve the coverage of your tests and find bugs before your users. I will describe the techniques to automatically create more tests starting from a single, simple unit test, and demonstrate how it helps JavaScript developers create better code.

Speaker bio

Olivier is a co-founder of BugBuster, a Switzerland based startup providing a next generation testing solution for Web and JavaScript developers.



  • Leena S N (@leenasn) 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago)

    I checked out BugBuster and found it very interesting. Had couple of questions:

    • Is this talk more about Automated Tests in General or about BugBuster?
    • If its about BugBuster, how its aligned with TDD (Test Driven Development) as I found the tool more as a exploration tool than just a automated functional testing tool?
  • Olivier Crameri (@oliviercrameri) Proposer 6 years ago

    It will be about automated tests in general with a particular emphasis on the dynamic analysis techniques that we employ at BugBuster and that can help testers write more better tests. It will not be about TDD per say although the techniques we’ll show should be of interest to people doing Test or Behavior driven development.

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