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Build a pseudo 3D visualization without Canvas / SVG

Submitted by Harish Sivaramakrishnan on Aug 23, 2013

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Submitted


You'd imagine using Canvas / SVG to visualizations for web - In this session I will code up a pseudo 3D visualization using pure HTML DOM ( by that, I mean no SVG ) and JavaScript. In 30 mins.


Simplifying a Data Visualization problem by applying an artificial constraint of not using Canvas or SVG. Explores the power of Simple JavaScript and Basic HTML DOM to build a data visualization that will beat you into believing that it was done using Canvas / SVG. This is not a demo - It is a full fledged code jam, and this will be built ground up in 30 mins.


Programming knowledge, Basic JavaScript knowledge, Interest and exposure to 3D and perspective math, A heart to sit and watch someone code.

Speaker bio

Vice President of Front End & UX Engineering @FreeCharge. Previously - UX & Front End Architect @Myntra and Web & Open standard Evangelist @Adobe. Creator of Impressionist - A Visual tool for impress.js. Musician @Agamlive. JavaScript and Design geek. Overall Nice Guy.


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