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Yeoman.io | JavaScript as a Build Tool *for everything!*

Submitted by Karthik Kastury (@karthikdot) on Aug 14, 2012

Section: JavaScript Everywhere Technical level: Beginner Session type: Demo Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


JavaScript doesn't have to be restricted server/client. It can go beyond that. This talk would give an introduction to latest hotness in the Javascript Community i.e. Yeoman.

Yeoman makes it super easy for you to build your project, and also throws in awesome scaffolding utilities like Rails.


The session will cover the usage of Yeoman.io as a build tool.

  1. Compile and compress your CSS/JS when you change the source.
  2. Reload your browser every time you make a change in the source templates.
  3. Optimize your assets, i.e. images.
  4. Run CSSlint and JSHint on your code to keep it clean.
  5. Run arbitrary system commands.

And of course a quick walk through to writing your own Yeoman Scaffold generators :)


Basic understanding of JavaScript and frontend Development.

Speaker bio

I'm the Performance Guy at PayPal India(eBay Inc.), building Performance as a key attribute into the Next Generation of PayPal's presence on the Web.

Recently got bit by the JavaScript bug. Didn't look back since ;-)

In my free time I dabble with Web Frameworks, researching on the various things that go into making applications fast and responsive.

I also occasionally blog at http://karthik.kastury.in/



  • SP

    Sunil Pai


    7 years ago

    Kartik, is it possible for you to do a section on how to write grunt plugins? That’d be cool.

    • KK

      Karthik Kastury


      Proposer 7 years ago

      Yep I could do that :) I’m actually learning it myself right now :)

  • KK

    Karthik Kastury


    Proposer 7 years ago

    I was initially planning on talking about stiching Grunt plugins together to arrive at a sane setup for a new project. Now that Yeoman.io is out in the public; I’d like to downgrade the topic to an Introduction to Yeoman and also the Component Spec.

    Thoughts? @threepointone @jackerhack

  • KH

    Karthik Hebbar


    7 years ago

    Hey! hebbar here… jus came to know u’ll be presenting, see you tom!

  • R



    7 years ago

    cool…but why are you wasting ur time at paypal?

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