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Internationalize your web applications using Wikimedia i18n libraries

Submitted by Santhosh Thottingal (@santhoshtr) on Aug 30, 2012

Section: Zen of JavaScript Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Tutorial Status: Confirmed & scheduled


To introduce javascript internationalization libraries by Wikimedia foundation and a short tutorial on how to use them to internationalize your multi lingual web applications


Wikimedia projects mainly Wikipedia is present in more than 280 languages, and internationalization is a key feature of these projects. Recently a lot of javascript liraries used in Mediawiki is getting released as mediawiki independent generic javascript libraries to the community. This includes,

a) jquery.i18n A jquery based internationalization framework with plural, gender, grammar, number system support

b) jquery.webfonts - A general webfonts framework supporting many fonts from non-latin scripts

c) jquery.ime - A jQuery library for adding support for inputting in non latin scripts

d) jquery.uls- Universal language selector for selecting a language and configuring the settings

The projects are available at https://github.com/wikimedia/

Note: i18n stands for Internationalization- Making your application ready for supporting any language. l10n stands for Localization- Translating a i18n-ed application to a language.

Speaker bio

I work at Wikimedia Foundation's Internationalization team, and provide tools for supporting near 300 languages with Wikimedia projects including Wikipedia, Wikisource, Commons etc. I am specialized in internationalization and language engineering particularly Indic languages.

Blog: http://thottingal.in/blog

github: https://github.com/santhoshtr



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