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Firefox Mobile OS - Meet the new kid in town

Submitted by selvan (@selvan) on Aug 18, 2012

Section: Mobile Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Demo Status: Confirmed & scheduled


Introduction to Firefox mobile OS & Sharing experience of creating, deploying , debugging applications for Firefox mobile OS.


Android, iOS are two established mobile OS players in the market. Windows 8 & Blackberry 10 are about to be released soon.We also have Open WebOS from HP. FFx mobile OS is a new entrant to this space.

In this session, I would be sharing my experience of what got me excited about FFx mobile OS & whats in there for web developers like you & me. If you know JS, CSS, HTML FFx mobile OS is lot of fun. For example it allows JS to interact with device hardware such as Camera, USB, File system & complete mobile apps can be written with HTML5 technologies.

Will cover Architecture, UI layers & other components of FFx mobile OS through demo & example. Will also show you actual tablet device running FFx mobile OS.

In this section, audience will be introduced to

  • Building blocks of firefox mobile OS.
  • Fundamentals & working mechanics of "Gaia" - user interface for firefox mobile OS.
  • Creating & deploying applications for firefox mobile OS .
  • Customizing UI components of firefox mobile OS.


Knowledge of Javascript & HTML

Speaker bio

I am selvan, a product guy, technology entrepreneur & open source contributor. Love to interact with hackers & entrepreneurs. Excite about simple, affordable & useful products such as mobile phones, raspberrypi, TATA nano.



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