JSFoo 2012

It’s like kung fu with JavaScript and objects! All about building full size apps in JavaScript.

Development for the biggest gaming platform -The Mobile Web

Submitted by Rakesh Raju on Aug 30, 2012

Section: Mobile Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Lecture Status: Submitted


Comprehensive understanding of tools and techniques required for developing for the Mobile Web.


The Mobile Web represents the largest addressable market opportunity for game developers in History and is poised to grow rapidly. However the Mobile browser as a game development platform has some tough challenges. This session will focus on techniques specialized for the Mobile Web which we have learned over the past year in producing games like Strandead http://games.tresensa.com/strandead : 1. Design issues and techniques unique to mobile games 2. Development and testing techniques for optimal user experience, performance and managing fragmentation. 3. Distribution for the Mobile web 4. Practical tips for reducing development time.


Javascript and HTML5 understanding.

Speaker bio

Rakesh is the CTO and a co-founder of TreSensa, a game development platform for mobile and social games. Prior to Tresensa he was the founder of Codewalla a game dev studio. Rakesh has been developing games, simulations, consumer software and animation tools since 1993. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and University of Illinois at Chicago and has worked at RealNetworks and Walt Disney Feature Animation.

Rakesh is based in NYC.




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