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Bye bye JavaScript

Submitted by Anand Shankar (@anandvns) on Aug 15, 2012

Section: JavaScript Everywhere Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Demo Status: Submitted


Enjoy with all the beauties of JavaScript without writing the code in complicated JavaScript syntaxes.


Sorry guys for going opposite to the flow of water. This is true JavaScript is the queen of the web and everyone loves it and me too want to marry with… But the complicated coding style is really killing our sweet darling JavaScript. Guys, a charming princess already has born. Why not see her also. This is having the beauty of JavaScript but not complicated coding style like JavaScript. The princess name is ….(come to see). I’ll present the difference between both in terms of coding as well as running environment with some demo applications which can run on Server + Web + Mobile without using any other relatives of JavaScript like node.js and blah blah…….

Speaker bio

Designing and Developing applications for Web+Mobile using latest technologies using open source tools and technologies. Working with startups in agriculture and education domain.

**Hate the complication bcz… have a little mind**


  • Sunil Pai (@threepointone) 7 years ago

    There’s not enough detail here. Would you expand on this please?

  • Gaurav Vaish (@mastergaurav) 7 years ago

    Anand - are you targeting any specific framework?

  • Anand Shankar (@anandvns) Proposer 7 years ago

    Sorry guys for late response. I think…. now this fine…. If still you want more then come to the event………. :)

  • Raghu Udiyar (@rags) 7 years ago

    You mean Coffeescript?

    • Anand Shankar (@anandvns) Proposer 7 years ago

      CoffeeScript is just JavaScript. Only code compiles one-to-one into the equivalent JS, and there is no interpretation at runtime for CoffeeScript. But here case is something different...... We’ll see there......... :)

  • Jon Maim (@jonmaim) 7 years ago
    • Anand Shankar (@anandvns) Proposer 7 years ago

      Yes Jon
      You got it right!

      • Jon Maim (@jonmaim) 7 years ago

        :) Looking forward to discover it!

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