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Writing Quality Third-Party JS

Submitted by Rakesh Pai (@rakeshpai) on Thursday, 12 January 2012

Section: Default Technical level: Advanced Session type: Tutorial

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This talk will be about all the nuances of writing third-party JS - the kind of JS that you include on your page from an external service. Examples of this are Google Analytics, Facebook's SDK and Twitter's @Anywhere API.


There are several factors to consider when writing third-party JS. This talk will go over the following: - How the world of webpages is like a jungle out there, and you can never make assumptions about the environment. - What kind of loading strategies are available to load your code - How to provide an API to your host-page developers - How to communicate with your server


A decent idea about web-performance techniques.

Speaker bio

I'm Rakesh Pai, JS developer by day, and JS developer by night. I have built http://errorception.com/, a JS error tracking system. It gives users a little snippet to put into their site, much like Google Analytics, and then generates extensive reports about errors that occur in end-users' browsers. The talk is about the lessons learnt in creating that tracking snippet.


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