JSFoo 2012 Pune

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Node.js Patterns and How we build ActiveNode

Submitted by Sreekanth Vadagiri (@sreeix) on Nov 22, 2011

Section: Default Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Lecture Status: Confirmed & scheduled


Evented Programming is hard, and if not done properly turns up into a spaghetti of callbacks inside callbacks. And any decent sized Node.js application becomes a mess. This session explores the pattens to deal with Evented IO and what to do when you start seeing callbacks than code.


This is partly talking about How we build Activenode, and patterns we used. We talk about the patterns we found and wierd We use coffeescript for development.

The slides are from previous session, i'd be revising it more throughly so that it is not hard for people.


Interest in Javascript/CoffeeScript and their heads

Speaker bio

Sreekanth, Developer at Activesphere. Node.js aficionado Have been developing applications with both Ruby and Node.





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