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Building complex client side apps with Google Web Toolkit

Submitted by aniket awati (@aniket) on Jan 10, 2012

Section: Default Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Lecture Status: Submitted


Aim of the talk is to give an introduction to GWT, and show some cool things that it can do.


Writing and managing Js code with all the browser idiosyncrasies is a difficult job. Also for large scale apps keeping the Js fast enough, and responsive enough could be quite a task. GWT is a toolkit provided by google, that compiles Java to Javascript. It helps build very complex client side apps with minimum of hassle. In this session we can go through a basic introduction to GWT. Also a small demo of building a small app with GWT.

Speaker bio

I have worked mostly in Mobile technologies. But I have used GWT for hobby projects. http://solvemysudoku.appspot.com/ this is something I built 2 years back on GWT.


  • Mandar Bhalekar (@mandar) 8 years ago

    it is really very good . i hav used it before also .
    thanks aniket .

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