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IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai

After Bangalore and Pune, JSFoo is coming to Chennai! JSFoo is a one day conference about developing next-generation applications in JavaScript. Join us for a full day of intense sessions on a variety of topics ranging from core JavaScript concepts to building complete web-applications in JavaScript.

This is your chance to mingle with and learn from JavaScript experts from all over the country!

Sessions are for 45 minutes each: 30 minutes speaking, 10 minutes of Q&A and 5 minutes for people to move between rooms. Tickets are free for confirmed speakers. If you’ve proposed to speak, please wait to hear from us before you buying your ticket. If your proposal is not selected, you will still get Early Geek pricing.

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Adding real time support to your web app

Submitted Jan 12, 2012

After attending this session, participants will have a high level overview of what are the different libraries, technologies and architecture styles that are used in creating real time communication channels for web apps


Real Time apps are the current hot trend. But what does it take to add real time support into your app? This session will cover various technologies, libraries and coding patterns to enable you to write real time apps. We can’t do into great detail in 30 minutes, but it will be enough to get exploring.

This session will introduce you to

  • Websockets (& what to do with browsers that dont support it)
  • Socket.io
  • A quick digression into backend support for real time apps
  • MVC architecture in the front end
  • Backbone.js
  • Tying it all together in a demo application
  • Unexpected pitfalls that make you pull your hair out

The session will contain code snippets.


You need to be fluent in reading basic javascript

Speaker bio

Siddharta is the founder of Silver Stripe Software Pvt Ltd. The company develops http://ToolsForAgile.com a suite of tools for managing complex distributed software projects.

We’ve added real time support in Tools For Agile and this session is based on the learning from implementing that.

Siddharta was a speaker at DocType HTML5 Chennai and a participant at various local technology events (BarCamp, DevCamp, Chennai Geeks, PyCon India etc…)


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Balaji D Loganathan (Spritle software)

Cross Platform Mobile apps using JQuery Mobile and Rhomobile

Start with introduction to JQuery Mobile in RhoMobile platform. Intend to do a code-walk through along with short demos of how jQuery Mobile is used in Rhomobile to develop cross-platform mobile applications (iPhone, Android, BB, Windows Phone). Code walk through would include JQM UI features, Ajax calls, device capabilities. Share our experience on using JQuery Mobile for Mobile apps. more

12 Jan 2012