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Building Single Page Apps with Backbone.js and CoffeeScript

Submitted by Vagmi Mudumbai (@vagmi) on Jan 18, 2012

Section: Default Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Tutorial Status: Submitted


The objective is to introduce the concept of single page applications, why it is useful and to demonstrate the usefulness of a framework like Backbone.js with a simple application while coding in Coffeescript.


The session would introduce Backbone.js and Coffeescript to audience via simple and easy to understand application. We will be building a simple application hands on while we introduce various concepts of Backbone.js such as Models, Collections, Views, Router and Backbone.sync while coding with what I understand are the best practices for organizing client side code.

Speaker bio

I have built several web applications on Ruby on Rails. Although these applications claim to be written in Ruby, they have more javascript code than Ruby. Initially I started out detesting Javascript and slowly fell in love with the language after reading Douglas Crockford's Javascript the Good Parts. Later I discovered CoffeeScript and instantly fell in love with it. I have built a few applications on Backbone.js and Faye to build single page responsive web applications that never need to be refreshed and are accessible at the same time. I wish to share some of my learnings I gathered while building these applications.


  • Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jace) Crew 8 years ago

    I’d prefer Backbone.js and CoffeeScript to be separate sessions. There’s way too much material to be covered in 30 minutes.

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