Jan Hecking

Jan Hecking


At borneo I help our team to build guardrails for the new data enconomy. Prior to that, I worked at Aerospike, Yahoo!, as well as a few different early-stage start-ups.

Privacy as Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation

Guardrails for the Data Economy

Borneo is a real-time data security and privacy observability platform for hyper-growth businesses and builds tools that empower companies to protect their customer’s data. It enables one to identify, understand, and remediate sensitive data risk at cloud scale, as well as automate governance for data warehouses. more
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  • 12 Mar 2022

Privacy Best Practices Guide

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Best Practices Guide: Guardrails for the Data Economy

Name of Organization: Borneo Domain: Data Security Company more
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  • 28 Apr 2022